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25 February 2012 @ 06:43 pm
[ There seems to be a new pony around Facility. He doesn't look as particularly cute as most of the ponies here, but he's got a black coat and black hair along with glowing red eyes and a Hiruiseki necklace around his neck. There's a tatoo on his backside with a coiling dragon.

He doesn't seem to be doing much but rather he was sitting there under the tree having a blank expression on his face. This week had been weird again. It seemed like the lot of people lost their minds well that included him but he didn't know that. He's just flapping his wings in silence. ]

[ ooc: brain breaking love~ Hhahaah have an angry cute MLP canon swapped Hiei wooot. Sorry lame post since I don't know what to do. AHHA didn't have time to draw it. so :\ ]
so how's that pretty much pointless attempt to find a heart for me going?
i only ask cause if you're right i should be all peachy keen tomorrow given that it's reset.
congratulations on accomplishing a grand total of nothing!

[ Yeah, she's trying to get a rise out of him. She's having a bad day. ]
24 February 2012 @ 09:10 pm
Cut for length and graphic/disturbing stuffCollapse )

[ooc: Scratch and Rose are canon swapped to Silent Hill this week. Oh fun. Feel free to eventually find and kill Scratch.

EDIT: Go to the log over here if you're going to search for and kill Scratch with John Sherpbert!]
24 February 2012 @ 06:51 pm
[The 'berry is being cradled in the hands of Xion. The camera faces her cringing form, eyes opening and closing like shutters.]

I thought...I'd be okay, but all this s-space...[The device slips from her hands and clatters onto the floor, facing up towards a tree in the park. Xion starts heaving breaths and her legs wobble. Bunches of organic tendrils start forming around her arms and legs in tandem with a shriek as her arm left arm transforms into a disgusti flangy ng red claw.]

Please! I need all of--Stopitstopitstopit! A-All of you to get away, just keep away from me...
They're so loud...I can't make them stop this time!
[Her knees buckle and she falls onto her hands, twitching and yelping as the tendrils become more wild. The only thing in view is the top of her head, up to her panicked eyes. The moans of pain transition into hyperventilating from the terror. This continues for forty seconds before she finally calms down. The next time she speaks her voice has a strange inflection to it, but is otherwise toneless.]

I thought...Maybe... [The berry is scooped up and placed in front of her face proper. Tears are streaking down to a sick smirk on her face. Her eyes slowly transition from sea blue into a dark, grimy shade of red.]

It's always futile.
We've been waiting for her...
Stop it! Somebody stop it!

We're going to make her perfect...
B-Before I'm...I'm going to start killing people! It happened before but this time..!
Yori...I'm sca--
You need not fear me.

Become a part of the ultimate life form.

[The claw raises towards her face, and trails the length of one edge down her cheek. Blood floods from the wound momentarily, slipping down around her chin and tripping to the vegetation at her feet. The cut repairs itself thereafter.]
You will become as I am, and embrace perfection.
You cannot kill me, you cannot stop me.

[The girl, looking more and more like a monster each passing second, outstretches her right hand.]
This is destiny.
[The feed cuts off in a sea of red.]

[ooc: Encounter/Fight log is here --> http://a-facility-log.livejournal.com/757673.html]
24 February 2012 @ 10:14 pm
Alex Shepherd, are you still yourself? If you remember who you are I'd like you to come to my office this afternoon. I've got got a proposal for you relating to engineering.
24 February 2012 @ 04:10 pm
This is just an idea but... [Flicking his ears up from a pinned position to a forward one.] Not sure if everyone has noticed or not that we're kind of naked in the stasis pods they have for when we slip into comas. And waking up naked isn't all that fun either.

So I was wondering if anyone that's a friend of those currently in a coma would mind grabbing some clothes from their rooms. Link gathered the list for me [Ears flick back a little.] and we're [Using that word tentatively.] going to be putting them next to the correct pod so they have something to wear when they wake up if no one is there aside from the robot staff.

Maybe something to eat, too. But like I said, it's just an idea.

[And here is the included list, though it's just the hiatus list itself and some hiatuses are old and invalid.]
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23 February 2012 @ 11:10 pm
[Try as he may, Jet greets the faciliberry screen with a slight scowl on his perfectly cleansed face. In fact, every inch of him is spotless. His clothes, his hair, even his teeth have an almost shiny luster.
Someone discovered the salon floor- specifically the PRT-E bots- and he hadn't been planning on it.]

“Yeah, I remember how this went last time. No cigarettes or Gundams for me, I'm normal; but I thought I was then too, so I'm not even going to try and ask who isn't. I'm going to guess Val's giving us this little run through to find something we might be missing. Try not to forget it all.”

[You got that, crazy computer? He's giving you the benefit of the doubt this one time- don't make him regret it.
Jet raises a thin blade of grass to his mouth, hesitating to glance only a moment before biting down.]

“If the terms 'Avatar' or 'bending' are something that sticks out to you, we may need to talk.”
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If anyone needs me for anything, I'll be in my room. I'd rather not strain my brain for this week, thanks.
23 February 2012 @ 01:49 am
So hey. Um. If I was acting a little, uh, strangely a little while back and maybe, well, insulted you in my, state of extremely high self-esteem... I would like to apologize. That is all.

And, maybe if you want, I can give some of you a little burst of, pixie dust. To make up for it.

[Tavros himself is human, his robotic limbs a bit more high-tech than usual.

(OOC: Canon switch is Marvel. Tav is a mutant with the ability to fly and make others fly via pixie dust.)]
23 February 2012 @ 01:50 am
[Something very strange has been going on for the past few days. Ritsuka has been ferreting supplies out of the enguin room and other mechanical areas and taking them back into his and Soubi's apartment. by this point in the week he's managed to finagle a decently working sonic and is working on a crude sort of shielding. He hasn't been sleeping much in days and has been subsisting on toast and jam with carrot sticks. All this mess is what can be seen in room C of their apartment. It's a huge mess and it just keeps getting worse. The boy is almost covered in black as he moves around the room working on his model and talking to himself.]

Be easier if I had my TARDIS. Stupid Val won't give it to - [Sparks go up in Ritsuka's face, causing the surface to blacken even more. His voice gets louder.]

Soubi? [The boy leans back, head disappearing out the door.] Soubi, where are those wires I asked for? If I don't add them at the right time this whole model will go up in flames.
22 February 2012 @ 09:41 pm
I've been working on a project to document the critical processes that we need to tend to regardless of the experiment.  The idea is to make sure that, even if our memories are tampered with, we can keep the station running.

I've been working with engineering and maintenance, but if there are other teams that need to have critical things done every week I would be happy to include them with this project.

Aside from my professional projects, I'm considering hosting a dinner party at my apartment, if anyone is interested in attending.  Cooking for one is not nearly as pleasant as cooking for a group.  I've managed to locate some bottles of wine that warrant an occasion to open them.
22 February 2012 @ 06:18 pm
[Suki is looking very different today. Her hair is a bit wild and she’s wear this. In her hand she was caring a cassette tape. Yeah, not a CD. How old school! And behind her? Well there was a very unhappy Alex.]

Alright, loves. Alex here decided to use his sticky little fingers to grab this little treasure. If it belongs to you, let me know. And if anything else goes missing, you can let me know about that too. Can’t let him get away with that behavior anymore. [She playfully nudged him.] Cheer up love.

[The cassette belonged to Superman, not that Suki knew that. But she ends the feed with a flirtatious wink with Alex still rather annoyed in the background.]

[ ooc ;; both suki and alex are from assassin’s creed. And currently go by Sonia and Alessandro. ]
22 February 2012 @ 01:38 pm

[A tall blonde girl, about fifteen years old, is standing in the park, stretching her arms high above her Stetson-topped head. Say hello to Avalon Applegarth, codename Applejack.]

All this talk about determinin' our future makes me a lil' antsy. S'hard to wait fer a decision like that when y'just wanna take the reins fer yerself and keep pushin' forward, you know? [She lets out a small breath, lifting her side-swept bangs off her face a little.] Not that I don't trust the other department heads t'lead us. It's just that tactics ain't never been my forte. That was Twilight's specialty. And thinkin' 'bout such a big decision makes me twitchier'nna rabbit's nose.

[She gazes off across the park for a moment of thought before turning to the camera with an easy smile.]

Anyone willin' to help me let off some steam? Gonna hafta be ready fer a lil' beating from my end, though.

[ooc: Like Rainbow Dash, AJ has been canon swapped into the Teen Titans canon. She has super strength as her power.]
22 February 2012 @ 10:12 pm
[The feed opens on a young man with orange hair and a beard. You might be able to recognise him as an about ten years older Dave Strider.]

Hey, guys, just letting everyone know we- [The view zooms back a little to show that he’s not alone.]

We found tequila! [The girl sitting on top of the kitchen table looks a lot like Jade Harley. Well, if Jade was ten years older and had blue hair, cropped in an artful “just got out of bed” style.] Dave’s lame and can’t drink the whole bottle, so come and share it with us, okay?

Hey, I’m not lame! Just because I’m a lightweight... [There may be some sulking here. Some not-quite-sincere sulking.]

Totally lame, with that puppy face. [She sticks her tongue out at him.] Just invite them over! John, Jack, do you want to come?

Do we have to invite the asshole too? [He sighs.] Whatever. Everyone’s welcome. Also I am so not lame, you don’t even know.

[Getting off of the table, Jade leans into the camera and grins.] It’s a party! A date. [And she kisses Dave on the cheek before shutting the feed off.]

[OOC: Jade and Davesprite have been canonswapped to Scott Pilgrim!]
22 February 2012 @ 02:56 pm
[ Bakura is coming from Fullmetal Alchemist universe this week. He's in his early 20's, a State Alchemist, and considerably less hostile towards people -- actually bordering on polite. Oh, and he's actually got his hair under control and tied back neatly. NOW YOU KNOW SOMETHING'S AMISS. ]

I'm beginning to think that this week isn't one experiment, but dozens. Nobody seems to be showing the same symptoms as anyone else, except for general confusion about what's real and what's not.

Has anyone seen my pocket watch? I left it with my State uniform but now it's missing.

Miss Serra, I finished alchemizing that incense you wanted.

Miss Patchouli, your services aren't required for that other project, but thank you anyway. I'll drop the book off to your quarters later today.
22 February 2012 @ 05:42 am
S'a little late considerin' experiments have already kicked back in- but ey, what can I say. I needed some time. [Eddie smiles weakly back at the camera, managing to get a cigarette balancing on his very Krogan 'lips'. Guess what Eddie is this week?]

To get to the point, m'in charge of the maintenance of this ole space station, I've already picked out a second in command, he and I are gonna need some folks to jump in and help. Gotta get a team together ya know, keep this ole bird runnin'.

M'lookin' for folks who know how to fix stuff. Anythin', everythin'- we're gonna be helpin' everyone else round here, robots included.

If you think you fit in that- or wanna help in anyway, tell me. Sasha and I are gonna be pokin' round doin' some check ups this week. If you need me- hell, just look round, m'fuckin' tall an you got eyes. [He smiles a little playfully after he says that, meaning no real harm with his words as he blows a easy smoke ring.]
22 February 2012 @ 02:53 am
[Jenny is currently jarring up herbs that she found in the greenhouse. Carefully drying what she isn't using to put into the pot that's boiling on her stove. She looks about seventeen years old.]

Seriously, can't find a good cup of tea anywhere around here. At least I can still practice here even if Val won't give me my damn wand.

[ooc: Jenny is taken from the Harry Potter universe for this week. She's a random seventh year Gryffindor.]
22 February 2012 @ 12:15 am
[Todd is sitting on top of one of the apartment buildings. He looks relatively the same, except for a pair of black demon wings and bright red eyes.]

This beats the other place.

I wish I would've wished for more than one joint last week, though. I guess I didn't think to wish for like, a bag of joints. I wish I could go back in time and wish for a bag of joints.

[ooc; Todd canon-swapped to Brutal Legend. He's a half-demon raised with the other demons under the watch of Doviculus. He's supposed to do something vaguely apocalyptic, but he takes the human side on most issues and would rather play sweet music than cause any apocalypses.]